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E-Cig-Club is getting close to launching. You guessed it, it’s another e-liquid subscription service. Unlike the other services we have discussed in previous posts, this one is a little different.  Instead of sending you juice from different vendors, E-Cig Club has their own line of juice, consisting of 125 premium flavors and 52 organic juices, for you to choose from.

Ecog Club e-juice subscription service

E-Cig Club is not about introducing you to new flavors from a variety of different vendors, but rather about saving you a trip to the local vape shop. When you sign up with E-Cig Club, you no longer have to go on-line and order juice as it will arrive in your mailbox like clockwork every month.

When you sign up, you choose a starter kit, a membership level, and the flavors you want.  It’s as simple as that.  All juice comes in 10 ml bottles. You can get three bottles for $16, six bottles for $30, nine bottles for $42, twelve bottles for $52 or fifteen bottles for $60.  As you can see, the more you spend, the more you save. In all cases, you can choose any flavors, there are no extra fees for organic juices.  There are plenty of flavors to choose from, something for everyone. And, shipping is free.

If you visit E-Cig Club’s Facebook page and scroll through the posts, you can see what the various types of starter kits look like.  What about the juice???  You can view their menu here.  There are way too many for us lo list, so make sure to check it out, there is a lot of variety.

We asked Juan, the owner of the club, what makes E-Cig Club stand out from all of the other subscription services we hear so much about.  Here’s his answer:

“I’ll tell you why someone should switch their current vendor and go with Ecig-club

1. We have 125 premium flavors and 52 organic juices.
2. We ship for FREE!
3. The company is owned and operated by a Veteran. We also do a lot of work with Veterans, and work with
4. We sell starter kits that range from $22-$53. So, there’s something that fits everyone’s needs.
5. We will be featuring “Ecig-club Party,” where members can host an Ecig-club party for friends, family, and coworkers to share the good news about vaping and sample all of the flavors. The host also gets to make commssions!
6. We make all of our own juice. We don’t use a bunch of vendors with random juices boxes being sent. This is the way we perform quality control. We care about what is going into our customer’s juices. We also have a warning label on the bottles with our ingredients.
7. We LOVE to switch smokers to vaping! We probably cater more to the newer vapers than most others. ”

And if that’s not enough, how about a coupon code???   Here we go:  “vblog10” for a 10% discount on hardware and memberships.

So there you have it.  We have some samples on the way, so make sure to check back as we will be reviewing them all.

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