Step #1

Pick a starter kit

ELeaf iKiss

Available in 4 colors: White, black, pink, and blue
Capacity of Battery: 220mAh

iKiss, a new design of mini electronic cigarette which is featured by detachable, washable atomizer and all transparent liquid window. It adopts the unique way of air inflow. It is extremely easy to use. Its delicate appearance and mini size will make it handy and easy to carry.
Diameter: 9.2 mm

1. The unique way of air inflow
2. Mini Size: Delicate appearance and mini size make it easy to carry and use.
3. All transparent liquid window: So that you can clearly know the state of the liquid
4. Changeable atomizer head: When the atomizer is broken or need changed, you can only replace the atomizer head, economical and practical.

How to add liquid?
Unscrew iKiss base and refill it from the bottom of iKiss atomizer. Please do not fill iKiss tube too full and avoid getting liquid in the center tube.

iKiss charging:
Plug the battery into its dedicated cable. Then plug the USB port into the wall adapter or other power source such as a computer.
When it is charging, the indicator light will flash. When fully charged, the indicator light will go out.
Inside the Box
1 x iKiss Atomizer Tube
1 x iKiss Atomizer Head
1 x iKiss Base
1 x iKiss Battery
1 x iKiss Extendable USB Cable

iJust Mini

Available in 7 colors:
Capacity of Battery: 650mAh

Stealth is a new concept succedaneum of cigarette with collecting multiple protection functions: short-circuit protection, low-voltage protection, overcharge protection, atomizer protection. It adopts the latest technology of automatical rear inductor. It is more reliable and safer due to its(650mAh,900mAh) high-capacity and high-stability lithium battery. It can be quick-acting fully charged 5V output. Both its cartomizer(about 1.6 ml) and cartomizer head could be repeatedly used. It gives you a brand-new experience of vapor compared with the traditional cigarette. Just enjoy your life without the worry about second-hand smoke.
Inside the Box
1 × Mini BCC-S Clear Cartomizer
1 × Clear Cartomizer head
1 × Mini mouthpiece
1 × Stealth power supply (650mAh,900mAh)
1 × USB cable charger

iJust / Maxx

Available in Chrome Gun Metal
Capacity of Battery: 2100mAh

Mini iJust, a new vaporizer launched by Eleaf, features the brand new BDC (bottomw dual coil) atomizer head, adjustable voltage(3.3-5.0V), lateral recharge, slim figure, transparent e-liquid window, and a high powered 1100 mah battery. BDC atomizer enhances your vape. The function of adjusting voltage brings you different experiences of vaping. Apart from these, its color and craft are also be a plus. And we have 510 thread and eGo thread for your options.
Inside the Box
1 × BCC Mega Clear Cartomizer
3 × BCC head
3 × BCC Mega Mouthpiece
1 × Control part
1 × Elite battery tube
1 × Rechargeable 2100mAh battery
1 × Elite USB cable
1 × Elite wall adaptor
1 × Elite manual

EleafiStick 20W

Available in 4 colors: Black, Silver, Red, and Blue

20W EleafiStick is a newly launched battery with a fashionable metallic appearance. With a compact size, you can hold that in the palm, much more convenient for usage and portability. Four bright colors with powerful functions. The highlight is the incremental OLED screen.

Parameters :
Size of battery MOD: 75mm*21mm*32.8mm
Color: black, silver, red, blue
Capacity: 2200mAh
Thread Type: 510 Thread
Variable voltage: 3.0V - 5.5V
Variable wattage: 2.0W - 20W

* OLED screen
* 2200mAh large capacity
* 20w strong output wattage
* Adjustable voltage
* High Stability: The output wattage is in high stability. It can also be up to the high output wattage even in the case of low power.

Operation Guide
Turn on/off
The battery MOD can be turned on or by 5 consecutive clicks.

Switch the VV/VW mode:
Press the square button for three times to switch the VV/VW mode when the battery is turned on.

How to charge?
iStick is charged through USB port at the bottom. One can take puffs while it is being charged.
iStick supports charging with 1A wall adaptor which is more fast.

Order tips
1.It comes with extra an ego Thread, can work with ego/510 threaded cartomizers/tanks.
2.Nocartomizer/tank comes with.
3.There is CE mark on battery end.

Simple packing. Customary Packing from the factory, the packing is subject to change without notice.
Detailed Introduction
OLED screen with delicately set buttons, micro-USB port on bottom
Inside the Box
1 x iStick battery
1 x eGo adapter
1 x Manual

Simple packing. Customary Packing from the factory, the packing is subject to change without notice.
Detailed Introduction
OLED screen with delicately set buttons, micro-USB port on bottom