Buzzed Eliquids


Flavor Profiles:

  1. Stinger- a juicy watermelon and a sweet grape to life with a mix of a nice sour citrus, and calm refreshing menthol.
  2. Choco Coco- a nice chocolate and coconut mixture with a hint of almond.
  3. Honey Dew Dew- a freshly cut juicy, sweet, and tangy cantaloupe melon flavor just waiting to be bitten into.
  4. PB&J- a smooth, creamy, peanut butter with a nice topping of fresh strawberry jelly.
  5. Honey Milk- This is a sweet sweet honey accompanied by a light and smooth creamy milk.
  6. Honey Comb- A very smooth and relaxing honey to enjoy all day long with a slight taste of a tobacco included.
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