About Us

Ecig-club.com is dedicated to delivering the safest, purist, and tastiest eJuices available to our members at an affordable price. We believe it shouldn’t cost a fortune to enjoy vaping and live a more enjoyable lifestyle.

Because we don’t gather our eJuices from various vendors and companies from around the globe, we are able to achieve an unparalleled level of quality control over what we offer. It is our utmost responsibility and duty to make sure that our eJuices are produced in a clean and safe environment from our professional vapologists (eJuice engineers) to our appreciated customers.

Whether you just made the switch or are an expert at vaping, we hope that you will find our eJuices and service second to none and keep you from ever going back to smoking. We strive to give you the most recent news about vaping laws and our fast growing culture that we have all grown to love so much.

If you have a success story to tell or just want to vent about the post office closing before you could get your vapemail, please don’t hesitate to send us a message. We are here with you and for you. Vape on!

Meet the Founder

Hi, I’m Juan and I am an entrepreneur at heart and the driving force behind Ecig-Club.com. My passion for helping others live better and longer is the primary reason for starting Ecig-club. I have a vision for becoming the #1 source for converting smokers to vapers and it is transparent in the day to day functions within the company and our work culture.

I am a veteran of Operation Iraq Freedom from 2005-2006. Growing up I hated the smell of smoke and everything about cigarettes. It wasn’t until my deployment to Iraq as a gunner for convoy security, that I started smoking. After a long convoy in the desert heat, nothing could take the edge off like a cigarette. So I started smoking. Since I could get a carton of menthols there for only $5 it seemed like an even better solution to relieve the stress. After returning home my disgusting habit followed me. One day in 2011 my brother introduced me to e cigs. It was the cute little cigalike- as they call it, and it did the trick, for a while. Once I got bored of my little ecig I went back to smoking. Like most of you, I tried quitting dozens of times and every time ending up with a stinky cigarette in my hand. It wasn’t until recent that several people around me starting getting lung cancer and dying. It was like a domino effect. They all just started passing away. A change needed to be made and I went and bought a cool looking ecig that fit perfectly into my hands and gave me some nice clouds that I could be proud of! And that is how Ecig-club was born!

The Founder of Ecig-Club.com in the US Army

Why Our Juice Is The Best

We could start by saying we have some of the best products with the best ingredients and that we don't use cheap fillers or China nicotine, but that's what anyone who wants your business would say. Instead, we'll let you be the judge of the quality of our products once you try them.

We offer quality and consistency. Our products are manufactured in a controlled environment. We practice GMP standards and every single employee who touches the product must first be certified and licensed as a food processor.

When the FDA comes out with their regulations, we'll be ready for it with written manufacturing processes, batch records, a written Quality Assurance program and qualified vendors.


All of our ejuices are diacetyl-free. To keep it simple -- this is a very good thing.

Kosher Grade

Our E-Liquid base consists of USP Grade Kosher ingredients.

Child-Proof Bottles

All of our ejuice bottles have childproof caps.

Proper Labels

All of our juices have their ingredients listed on the bottle, along with the necessary warnings.

Still Not Sold?

See What People Are Saying About Us
  • I was lucky enough to win 3 bottles of juice from Ecig club a few weeks ago on their 300 likes giveaway. The flavors I chose were Rhinos blood and gummy bears. The flavors of these juices are outstanding, illness I have tried others and they seem to clog my filter/wicks up and have a dirty look to them, cure but Ecig club juice is clean till the last vape. If you are trying to quit smoking and want a nice,clean,smooth and flavorful vape I recommend Ecig Club juice!! Thanks again guys

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